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Cold Wave Wetsuits

Cold Wave 2mm Long Sleeve Vest – Womens

Cold Wave 2mm Long Sleeve Vest – Womens

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The Cold Wave 2mm Long Sleeve Vest has Yamamoto smooth skin neoprene all over the front, back and arms with standard nylon-lined underarm gussets. It is perfect for breezy days and for added sun protection. Smooth-skin neoprene is more repellant of wild and water than standard neoprene and it gets a lil more toasty, absorbing the heat on sunny days.

Designed with minimal seams, the front and back panels feature uninterrupted smooth skin neoprene from the collar to the knee. The wetsuit is constructed with a Glued and Blind-Stitched system (GBS) throughout the seams and it is taped on critical internal seams.

YKK front zip for a clean and easy entry.


Smooth-skin wetsuits are designed to be worn a little more relaxed than other suits. Please refer to the size chart and if in doubt, size up.

Available in store at Honey Sunday's

This wetsuit chart attempts to cover a broad range of sizes, yet we appreciate that all bodies are different. If you would like to order a custom size, please get in touch.


Wetsuit Care Guide
To ensure the longevity of your new Cold Wave wetsuit, we suggest the following tips to keep you slick and smooth for multiple seasons to come.

  • Smooth skin neoprene is more delicate than standard wetsuits. It requires extra special care around sharp objects such as; fingernails, rings, fins, gravel or concrete car parking lots because they can tear easily.

  • These wetsuits are made with a Glued and Blind-Stitched system (or GBS), and are internally taped on the critical seams. GBS is strong, but can still be damaged if you’re too rough getting changed in and out of the suit or if you size the suit too small. Take care and move slowly.

  • Rinse your suit in cool fresh water after use in salt water. Rinse especially thoroughly if you like to pee in it 😉

  • Drape your suit inside-out over a thick rail and hang it in the shade to drip dry. Avoid using a thin clothesline because it may crease or split the wetsuit.

  • Once dry, fold gently and store in a cool, dry place. No one likes crusty sun damage.


Cold Wave hopes that you will get a long life out of your suit. To ensure this, you will be provided with repairs on all seams and on any manufacturing faults, up to six months from purchase. This does not include general wear and tear, or if the wetsuit was sized too small.

Get in touch via if you have any questions.


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